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TuffSkin® is a revolutionary product that prevents etch, stains and damage. It’s great on Marble, Granite, Limestone and all Natural Stones! It’s the best Stone Sealer on the market!

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Petrus Hawaii, a Honolulu based company is proud to announce a partnership with TuffSkin®. The world leader in Marble Countertop sealing and protection against etching, staining and scratching. 

We guarantee that any spills by: oils, sodas, wine, coffee, lime juice, soap and ANY other household chemicals will not penetrate the TuffSkin stone sealer and harm your Countertop! Available for Residential and Commercial usage.


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Petrus Hawaii

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We are committed to deliver the best products in surface protection for your home or business. Safe and free of chemicals!

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Etches and Stains are a thing of the past, with our innovative TuffSkin® Stone sealer, we offer a 100% guaranteed against etching and staining.

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We are a Certified TuffSkin® dealer and the exclusive installer for the Island of Oahu. We are also available to travel to other islands.

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Petrus Hawaii

Why Choose TuffSkin?

Stain Proof

Since nothing can touch the stone surface, nothing can stain it. It's the best Marble sealing service available in Honolulu.

Etch Proof

TuffSkin® creates a barrier against alkaline and acidic products that would damage unprotected Marble, Granite and Limestone.

Heat Resistant

TuffSkin® can take the heat and stay in the kitchen. It can withstand heat up to 400º F.


It’s recommended you seal your marble countertops every 3-4 months, this will help prevent staining if can wipe your surfaces right away, but be aware that some liquids like red wine and hot coffee can stain marble immediately. 

Liquid Sealers were the best protection available for years, until in 2007 Tuffskin was introduced to the market. A revolutionary product that went trough several updates to offer the best protection in the Natural Stone world today. Bar none!

Traditional sealers come in a liquid form that adheres to the surface of the stone. Due to the porosity of natural stone the liquid tends to infiltrate and can no longer protect the surface, so any spills can cause damage….thats why a constant reapplication is necessary to try and protect the surface.  Tuffskin is a revolutionary product that creates a rigid physical barrier between the stone and the elements. No liquid can penetrate the Tuffskin, and marks or stains become a thing of the past.

What our clients are saying!


Awesome services, friendly, and fast. Thanks Petrus Hawaii!! No need worry about my marble getting stained by coffee, wine, vinegar or water spots.
caucasian male with suit
Christian Pasco
HR Manager
Last week we had Petrus Hawaii install the Tuffskin on our marble desks and conference table at our office. During the years the wear and tear were getting very noticeable. After the installation it looked like a brand new stone. Incredible product! Highly recommended.
oriental man with suit
Luiz Boscardin
Fantastic job! Loved the professionalism and absolute perfection installation! 5 stars to the team.
model with white dress
Priscila Romagnoli

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Petrus Hawaii is the premier choice for Natural Stone and Countertop protection in Honolulu, HI. We offer light stone restoration, cleaning, maintenance and the industry leader TuffSkin®. A Marble and Granite Sealer featuring a 10 year warranty, and also a 100% guaranteed against etching and staining your countertops.


Contact us today to learn more about our natural stone sealing and protection services. And how we can make the countertops in your home or business look their best for years to come.